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A: The major differences are with what the events communicate. Why do we still need Visualforce once Lightning will be GA ? Lightning is an enhanced and upgraded Salesforce platform version that was created for simplifying the process of building apps, quickly customizing the ecosystem to boost the efficiency and productivity of internal users and their work, as well as for connecting with customers and making their experience better. Three phases are available for application event propagation when the event fires: capture phase, bubble phase, and default phase. Nevertheless, you can’t use a third-party framework right within Lightning Web Components. We can build components using any of the models and can place these components on the same lightning page., Lightning Web Components Interview Questions, Salesforce Lightning Web Components Interview Questions, Top Salesforce Lightning Web Components Interview Questions, Salesforce rest api integration to fetch single record. The major differentiation lies in the fact that Lightning components are built based on the component framework, they are well-adapted to mobile, and are centered around the client. All rights reserved. if an update is made in the child component, it’ll be signaled to the parent. A: Lightning Data Services (or LDS) are needed for caching purposes. Lightning Component Interview Questions in Salesforce. A: From the admin side, the Lightning version provides various customization leverages, including the framework with reusable low-code blocks that admins can use to build components and put them on multiple pages via easy drag and drop. Lightning app builder is used to create lightning pages for Salesforce Lightning experience and mobile apps.The Lightning App Builder is a point-and-click tool.Lightning Pages are built using Lightning components which are compact, configurable, and reusable elements that you can drag and drop into regions of the page in the Lightning App Builder. Importantly, both the component types can be applicable side-by-side on a single page or app. Lightning Experience Specialist. This framework allows you to upload, add, modify or delete a component’s records without the need of Apex code from the server-side. Yes. The process of migrating Aura components to Lightning Web components isn’t linear, therefore it makes sense to apply Lightning Web for making new components and sticking with the Aura components for older ones that you already have in Aura. The process of migrating Aura components to Lightning Web components isn’t linear, therefore it makes sense to apply Lightning Web for making new components and sticking with the Aura components for older ones that you already have in Aura. Plus, LWC has proven better component performance. This is where Salesforce enters the picture, and that is what has prompted me to write a blog on the most frequently asked Salesforce interview questions. From the client’s side, it has Javascript and on the server’s side, there is Apex. If you have the requirement to access the first and the last element in the list use the iterator directive. Plus, the Appexchange offers many off-the-rack plugins, components, and applications that can be plugged in from the Appexchange. You can’t extend any other class to create a Lightning web component. If we want to render HTML conditionally we can make use of. If you have any other useful question answer related to Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions, please add in comment section. The other more modern method, Lightning Web Component, is very different from it. On the other hand, Visualforce components revolve around the page itself with the server being the place where the majority of work takes place. Using cloud computing, users are able to access software and applications from wherever they are; the computer programs are being hosted by an outside party and reside in the cloud. Thank you for sharing such an informative post with us. If we want to import a class, function, or variable declared in a module we use the import statement. 1. In this post, I am going to post some useful questions and answer related to Salesforce Lightning environment. That said: A: In general, it is considered good practice to give preference to Component Events over Application Events. Yes, it is possible to integrate Lightning with other frameworks, for instance with Angular. There are many ways to gain from using the Lightning Web Component method (short for LWC). Application Event – Scope of this event is throughout the lightning App and any component which has registered for this event would get a notification. 15. Lightning is the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform. Summing up, we hope that you’ve found this list of interview questions on Salesforce Lightning helpful! Here are a couple of component bundle types: Controller (takes care of events on the side of the clients); Helper (contains Javascript functions which may be called); Style (keeps the component’s style data); Documentation (logs the usage of the component); Design (necessary for controlling which attributes could be used in Lightning App Builder and other tools); Renderer (keeps a component’s default rendering behavior). Salesforce interview questions. Scratch org is a disposable Salesforce org used for. Interview Questions – Lightning Framework – Part 3 – Component Event; Code By Code Guide- Lightning Web Components; Code By Code Guide- Lightning Framework ; Tags: Aura Interview Questions, Lightning Interview Questions, Salesforce Interview Questions. You can also apply a third-party framework to Aura components. All about Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers Saturday, 31 October 2020. Application Events allow for communication regarding changes between various component types in different parts of a single app and aren’t tied to hierarchical or direct connections. Question3: Can we make a Lightning Component that shows up in both the mobile and the desktop user interfaces ? Additional Salesforce Interview Questions on Lightning. It is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. That said, the Salesforce Lightning Platform and its innovative new generation solutions were designed to help cut development costs, to provide services that cater to the company’s necessities as they change, and to build apps faster and easier (on condition that these tools are in good hands, of course). On this page, we’ve gathered the frequently asked interview questions in Salesforce Lightning with answers. What is the difference between a role and a profile? Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Application Event(Salesforce Document) Component Event; System Event(Salesforce Document) What is the basic difference between Application Event and Component … Importantly, both the component types can be applicable side-by-side on a single page or app. Below is the comprehensive list of questions asked in Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions, top 60 interview Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions Created using the Lightning App Builder, there are three following record page types in Lightning: (needed for crafting home pages that’ll display only necessary features to indicated user types in the Lightning Experience); (used for making a unique record page of an object based on the necessities of users; available in mobile apps and in Lightning Experience); e (applicable in Lightning Experience and in mobile apps, it’s handy when making an app homepage in 3rd-party apps and menus for navigation, such pages can only have global actions). The core module in Lightning Web Components is lwc. If we want to allow other code to use a class, function, or variable declared in a module we use the export statement. Profiles are both features that can be added to a user record in Salesforce.