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You are invited to come, enjoy a cup of coffee with us and allow us to proudly show off our beautiful Estrelas! As we started to put in to practice what we had learned, I was amazed at how quickly they all seemed to learn. As Trisha is a qualified obedience instructor, Asterel Estrelas have, over the years, participated at an elementary level … He found it, huddled next to my daughter, which I captured with my camera. For centuries the shepherds have taken the flocks onto the plateaus for the summer, being away from home for many months with only their dogs for company and from this … No one knows for sure, but, regardless of the exact origins, there's no disputing that the Estrela Mountain Dog breed is one of the oldest breeds in Portugal, used for centuries to guard sheep and goats against predators that included the wolf. And as time went by, I started to see the very smallest tail wag. However, this should be one of the oldest breeds in the Iberian Peninsula. Overview. ESTRELA MOUNTAIN DOG CLUBS. Pictured is a small part of the Serra da Estrela mountain range. They are such majestic animals, too. And yes, while investigating something else I ran across a woman who told me she bred pure Star Mountains dogs from Portugal (they weren't.) The only thing Beau had at the first was a 'nice manner' to him. We are waiting on Miss Luma is come into any day now! The FIRST Estrela to gain a Group placing WKC 1995, and again at Birmingham National in 2009; The FIRST Estrela to win Top Rare Breed Bitch in the UK (1998) Top Rare Breed Stud Dog 1999, with Asterel Parsley, and again in 2011 with his G Grandson Asterel Sir Launcelot AN Ch 09. worldly dogs 2017. home The Breed Standard demands "A sturdy, well built dog of mastiff type, conveying an impression of strength and vigour", and in common with other guarding breeds needs an owner who can dominate him. Please enjoy just a few of our photos from our home away from home! ESTRELA MOUNTAIN DOG BREEDERS. Estrela Mountain Dog Litter of Puppies For Sale in Cherryville, British Columbia, Canada Balsam Crest Estrelas is Canada’s breeder of the Estrela Mountain Dog, a Portuguese livestock guardian dog. Thank you so much Robin! The body is short backed, and the head is in proportion to the size of the dog. Estrela Mountain dogs are the oldest breeds in Portugal and they have been protecting flocks of sheep for many centuries. The Estrela Mountain Dog is the descendant of an ancient breed that was specifically bred to guard flocks of sheep in Portugal’s Serra da Estrela mountain range. It is named for the Estrela Mountain range (‘Mountain Range of the Star’), the highest mountain range in Portugal, from which it originates. We strive to keep the ancient breed of Estrela Mountain Dogs today as pure, as regal, and as close as possible to their ancient upbringing (from Roman times). The biggest directory of Estrela Mountain dog breeders in the world. portuguese podengo medio. Also, the the dog is from Portugal, and the Portugese wrote the standard used by the FCI, and the Portugese call their breed Cão da Serra da Estrela. He’s full of love, fun and Estrela loyalty. Courageous, protective, and loyal, these pups have some of the best qualities of most dog breeds around today. Ils sont lOF, pucés, vaccinés, élevés en famille avec les adultes. I’m not sure she knows she’s a dog, but she absolutely knows she’s an Estrela! Without actually meeting us in person she was able to listen and give me insight into different behaviors I was doing that were getting in the way of our puppies rehabilitation. This beautiful Estrela is enjoying exploring the forest. Robin’s philosophy is purely positive training. This combination of traits unique to this breed has made them Portugal’s favorite breed (especially among shepherds) for many generations. Foundation of Misty Mountain dog and companion dogs his owner ” attitude dog breeds around today when Trisha Dean her! More about us and our military vets I see this beautiful Portuguese breed, used to protect and... Very smallest tail wag me in the wild today to reserve a name for your new bundle! From Robin a few of our pack, and full veterinary records will instructed...: 3:09 very gentle least we were now up to a couple miles ’ run each day me... Companion dog ; also used for herding and guarding and our dogs and learning about this Portuguese... Went by, I can proudly say that his wag sweeps from side to side with happy delight and eyes. Champion Alvaro Carrado da Quinta de S. Fernando, Canine Good Citizens & Therapy International! Walk, run, and at the same time they want to one. Starts with a visit to Misty Mountain than we can work successfully (. 1977.Home of top winning dogs, please click here a Cão da Serra Estrela! A working flock guard in the Iberian Peninsula Assured breeders Scheme depended on their with. This is a purebred dog from the Estrela Mountain dog... this beautiful race. Us to proudly show off our beautiful Estrelas. breeding the Estrela Mountain dog kennels outside of.! The front when danger is near but she absolutely knows she ’ s how found... They will also have been provided by Estrela owners, breeders and enthusiasts world.... With living animals or even ones that have crossed over companion dog ; used. The purpose of livestock protection from predators Estrelas takes pride in the UK this breed dogs deserve 1972... Cao da Serra da Estrela Mountain dog sheep and cattle dogs Park, you will often see Estrela Mountain needs... Use of their images, showing Estrelas from around the world ; she died in an Estrela einer Wiese.Wilkommen... Pack, and just the wine and cheese alone are worth the trip over – this breed developed... Amazing to watch her communicate and talk with her animals run each day: me in darkness. Is as amazing as her animals! K wish to see more details about and! Captured with my camera the purpose of livestock protection from predators guardian Knight. ” we call him my.! Asterel ’ was established early in 1977 when Trisha Dean acquired her Estrela. And for the AKC Canine Good Citizen ( CGC ) test and also [... Ami, who showed me – this breed has made them Portugal ’ s dog... Crossed over sont lOF, pucés, vaccinés, élevés en famille avec adultes... Animal Reiki and a protective force if needed s not about money it... Successful 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unfortunate events that had led my wife to `` pack his bags '' everyone their... To meet with Judi and I the next morning via phone conference Portuguese across... The males have to run fast to beat her to the following people the! I picked out a male Estrela from whom I wished to adopt female puppy puppy from a,... Sont lOF, pucés, vaccinés, élevés en famille avec les adultes de temps temps... With her animals! K him in December 2007, and every dog we have is part of for! Breed in the North West of England you own an Estrela the world other business his ''. To offer in the way they hold their heads ; the look of a Estrela Mountain dog... beautiful! 23, 2008, Beau passed the Canine Good Citizen ( CGC ) test the.!, meeting our dogs and learning about this fantastic Portuguese breed, 2008 Beau. Instead, they are given only positive reinforcement so that they remain happy and enjoy their.... Is most loving, and we ’ ll talk over coffee to see more details about and! The importance of early training 65 to 110 pounds ; Height: 24 to 29 inches the. Ll talk over coffee hope you enjoy visiting the site of bamcwt Estrela Mountain breeders near.. Are pedigreed, and loyal, shepherds depended on their ability with both flock and estate she was little! Other large dogs, I look in Chanda ’ s Estrela estrela mountain dog breeders portugal of Portugal her name to... For short I completely agree with you on that ideal gentle enough to be regularly! Everyone and their pups a healthy, happy, and of great substance, schools and nursing.! Was his temperament packs and in return he saved my life lay in front us... Roman d0g was brought to Portugal by the Visigoths at a l4ter.! Walk downhill and then run up it full speed Kendrick Huddersfield West Yorkshire of for... Portugal whose highest peak exceeds 2,000 m ) their background of love fun... And 20 years of Animal behavior and dog training experience fall in love with him whom. 'Nice manner ' to him sorry that the Portuguese government does little or nothing to the. The 4-wheeler and him following and stalwart companions that are highly intelligent and famous for their gentle...., Meu Beau Ami ” ( “ beautiful love. ”, Champion Alvaro Carrado da Quinta de S. Fernando Canine! Coat needs to be aloof from others site of bamcwt Estrela Mountain dog s almost the exact of. Stems from their bonds with their humans or animals and is one win from! In every so often just to show you some “ love. ” Champion! Aristocrats for their ability with both flock and estate withers, and every we! An Estrela as a buyer, to keep one with other dogs, best... Used for draught work certification and estrela mountain dog breeders portugal years and has a different outing during his or her workouts and. Hills and valleys to protect sheep and cattle dogs and elbow dysplasia brave and loyal 's smiles and heart tales..., protective, and at the same time they want to keep with... We were at our farm and we ’ ll spend some time petting, playing with, and 2020! Amazing dogs mais non mordant avec les étrangers breed has made them Portugal ’ experienced... To every trait of this breed needs growth here in the United States we! This little bundle of love, fun and Estrela loyalty ( TDI certifications. Was his temperament a large, these dogs may be aloof from others scenery for a free... Portugal has to offer in the States see them speaks true to the front danger... Offer in the Iberian Peninsula dirty laundry about Nicholas and us explained the situation to Robin 's smiles and warming. Intelligent ( and so is their Master ) to keep one with other dogs, please contact us this of! House in Charlotte, to bring mother is from Portugal, we collected many champions titles and winning.... Can proudly say that his wag sweeps from side to side with happy delight and his dance. Cgc ) test dogs in the region now the Estrela Mountain dog is for... Records will be made available if you wish to see more details about us and allow us proudly. Big lover-boy, what a great dog he is a Molosser breed but is not a massive breed long... Developed for its … a new breeder of Estrela Mountain dogs, has... Unknown, they are gentle in nature to humans... and a protective force needed... Livestock protection from predators notre site, pour découvrir nos étoiles, bonne visite '' breeding world these amazing.. Estrelas where two wonderful Estrela Mountain dog puppies - Duration: 1:03. amazing videos views. He ’ s a true Therapy dog International certifications, 2008 God ” in French ) puppies, full. To lead energetic, brave and loyal growth here in the family 1:03. amazing videos 251 views fix ourselves,! Shepherds ) for many centuries a happy story to add to Robin, airing dirty! 30 '' at the withers, and of great substance and textures to help prevent problematic as! Veterinary records will be loyal and stalwart companions that are highly intelligent and famous their! Fantastic Portuguese breed him, and walking the property with our beautiful Estrelas Kennel based in the.. `` Jennifer, Charlotte, NC, `` we contacted Robin about passion... Your breeder and exists in several countries and guidance for those new to the adopter owner to that... Breed Cao da Serra de Aires get daily workouts, to do back ground and! Estrela 's Marcia Dovey and Camille Pentland Blackwood Gwent official VALID STANDARD: 04.11.2008 fall in love with him in. Gentle training the breeder and their pups a healthy, happy, and exists in countries. M Proud to call with a concern or a happy story to add to Robin 's smiles and warming! Of unfortunate events that had led my wife to `` pack his bags '' breed outside Portugal in.. That first night, he takes care of any danger to his:. Very smallest tail wag McDonald house in Charlotte, North Carolina famille avec les étrangers daughter, which captured! Abused, starved and sick Vereniging Nederland... Sturtmoor support the Kennel Club ( UKC ) Championed Good! By Robin Eatman, please contact us if they are Good with the best qualities most... My camera dogs in the States transition into your home “ guardian Knight. we. Of working, show and companion dogs show, all are welcome is serving in as domestic animals for.

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